New BERU catalog: Ignition lead sets and plugs for more than 4,900 vehicle applications

Fully revised reference catalog to assist retail stores and workshops with their customer service and range updates.

Ludwigsburg, 18 November 2009 - With immediate effect BERU workshop and wholesale partners have a new ignition leads and plugs catalog in handy A4 format. The Ludwigsburg specialist in Ignition Technology, Diesel Cold-Start Technology, Electronics and Sensors has completely revised the reference catalog which consists of nearly 600 pages, and is produced in ten languages.

The new BERU catalog contains all the currently available ignition leads, plug-and cable-sets, spark plug adaptors, distributor connectors and water deflector moldings - a total of circa 1,350 ignition leads and cable sets for 4,900 vehicle applications, and 100 plugs for 1,950 applications. The new BERU catalog also contains important technical information on individual BERU product groups, useful tools, and functional sales systems. Practical manufacturer-related product ranges and equivalent models ease the service to retail stores and workshops even more. Product illustrations and technical information aid quick identification, and a conversion list of manufacturer codes containing some 4,800 entries simplifying the search for the appropriate BERU products in OEM quality. In brief, all the applications in the BERU product finder can be found on the Internet at; and BERU products are also listed in the TecDoc. The new ignition leads and plugs catalog is available free of charge to workshops and auto car parts retailers on request by e-mail from service [at] beru [dot] com.